Multipli Your Business

Money should never get in the way of a great sale

Your business relies on customers spending with confidence. So what gets in the way?

There are many reasons why a technology based sales deal can go south but issues with budgets and finance are common.

Sticker shock, rigid payment term policies, restrictive vendor or bank finance, extended credit requests or a deal size above the sign off threshold are just a few examples.

So what if finance was no barrier to a buying decision? What if you could realise the revenue on closed won business immediately?

It’s time to Multipli
your business.

What is Multipli?

Multipli is a finance service company that partners with B2B technology businesses. Everything we do is about simplified payment plans. We’ve created programs that boost sales, cashflow and allow founders to retain their equity. We are unique as we have digitised the finance process from start to finish.

Our Solutions

  • Make it easier for your customers to consume technology products and services
  • Reduce the need to heavily discount to get the deal across the line
  • Deliver reportable revenue to your bottom line up front
  • Create competitive advantage for your sales team
  • Accelerate pipeline and help you support rapid growth in your organisation

Best of all, when you Multipli your business, you enjoy the revenue and we take all the risk.
Our approach to finance means even smaller, fast growing businesses can compete more effectively with larger competitors. Businesses with traditional sales and pricing models can innovate to create a consumable offering without re-engineering back end processes and remuneration structures.
Multipli is a proven means to remove or drastically reduce the risks associated with securing payments for technology implementation and installation projects.
If you’re ready to reduce the pressure on your sales teams, accelerate your deal flow and close more reportable revenue, faster – it’s time to Multipli your business.

Can I Multipli My Business?

Multipli specialises in finance solutions for four technology sales areas:

IT&T Sales

IT&T Sales

Hardware vendors, resellers and integrators:

Wrap any manner of voice and data kit from the data centre to the desktop, software licenses and service provision into a single deal. Get paid upfront. Provide easy monthly or customised payment terms to your client.

IT&T Sales

SaaS Solution Providers

Web and cloud based service offerings to buyers:

Migrate annual license arrangements to monthly payments so users can pay as they consume, or have total subscription revenues pre-paid without changing monthly payment terms for your customers. Receive deal value up front, increase profit, reduce overheads and unlock the capital you need to continue developing.

IT&T Sales

Software Vendors

License-based sales and services deals, annual and perpetual, on-premise, hybrid, cloud/hosted solutions:

Turn large upfront license costs into monthly payments, to make it easier for your customers to buy while still receiving the upfront revenue. Provide a SaaS style front end experience for the buyer, without the need to re-engineer business processes.

Accelerate deal desk approvals by removing contract and payment variations from your terms, whilst offering more flexible arrangements.

IT&T Sales

Solar Energy Technology

Commercial solar companies and installation teams:

Make it easy for commercial and Government customers to say yes to energy innovation and saving. Create a genuine competitive differentiator that will show your offer as being financial viable and cash positive.

What people are saying.

Multipli helped us fund over 5,250 individual client contracts. These fuelled the growth of both LEAP and InfoTrack.

Christian Beck, Founder, LEAP and InfoTrack
Ernst & Young Australian Entrepreneur of the Year 2017

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