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Want to know our thoughts on how best to Multipli your business?

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Below you will find articles that we wrote to take a deep dive into different topics as they relate to purchase financing. We will share our thoughts on a variety of topics including pricing, process, and sales.

How To Offer Customer Financing: Detailed Guide For Business Owners & Vendors

A guide for business owners, finance directors and sales directors wishing to offer customer finance to enhance sales and business growth.

Business Payment Plans For Equipment Purchases: An Overview

In the dynamic world of business, the path to growth frequently revolves around having the right tools and equipment within your grasp. Whether you're an aspiring entrepreneur or a seasoned business veteran, the ability to secure essential equipment can be a game-changer. Yet, the formidable upfront costs of purchasing these vital assets can often stand as a formidable barrier.

Tech Start-Up: Business Payment Plans & Vendor Financing To Scale Your Service

Imagine this scenario: You're an entrepreneurial visionary with a ground breaking idea that has the potential to reshape the world. You possess the innovation, the vision, and the unyielding drive to bring your idea to fruition via your start-up. However, a single barrier stands in your way - your would-be customers require financing to be able to adopt your software and afford it’s fees, maintenance and ongoing licensing.

Software Vendor Financing (In The US) - A Complete Guide

Imagine you're embarking on a journey to build a beautiful house. You have the skills, the tools, and the vision. But, alas, you lack the bricks and mortar. This is precisely the predicament many software vendors find themselves in. They have the expertise and a remarkable product, but they lack the resources to bring it to market effectively. This is where Software Vendor Financing comes into play.

Business Payment Plans For Healthcare Software Vendors

If you’re a healthcare software provider, looking to scale your healthcare software across medical practices and businesses that require your healthcare-as-a-service software - one of the biggest impediments to scale is your software’s price tag. The upfront cost could be costly, your would-be customers may not have the cash flow to adopt your healthcare software, which is why the concept of offering B2B payment plans to ease the cost for your customers upfront costs becomes critical.

The Bright Side Of Financing Solar Equipment & Clean Energy Products

As the world grapples with the challenges of climate change and the need to transition to a cleaner and more sustainable energy future, the demand for solar and clean energy products is on the rise. However, the upfront costs associated with these technologies can be a deterrent for many individuals and businesses.