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Want to know our thoughts on how best to Multipli your business?

Our observations and insights gained from helping people to Multipli their businesses since 2008

Below you will find articles that we wrote to take a deep dive into different topics as they relate to purchase financing. We will share our thoughts on a variety of topics including pricing, process, and sales.

Bring Your Sales Team Along On The Ride From Licensed Software To SaaS

Transitioning to SaaS sales should be a positive move for your business but you need a thoughtful approach to bringing the sales team along with you. Sales needs to be clear on the ‘why’ of making the change, be certain about the commitment from leadership to seeing the transition through and understand the benefits of SaaS subscription models for the customer, for them and to the business.  Here’s a few principles to keep in mind as you ready your software business for the move to SaaS.  

Saas Pricing – Which Model Is Right For You

So you’ve made the decision to start with or move to a SaaS based pricing model for your software business. It’s pretty much a done deal these days that your business and enterprise clients will expect some sort of subscription plan for pricing.  There are a few different models you can use – and you can certainly offer more than one or change as you learn more about what works best for your customers and you. So how do you decide on the best subscription plan? It comes down to two business fundamentals:

SaaS Financing For Large Enterprise Purchases

With the proliferation of SaaS based services rapidly becoming the model of choice for many vendors and customers alike, it’s worth taking a moment to think about how this might affect the sales process when selling to enterprises.

SaaS Funding Options For Growth

So how do you decide which type of funding is right for your SaaS business? Your answer will depend on what kind of SaaS company you are building, what stage you are in its trajectory and where you want to take it – and also what matters most to you. Do you want to keep full control of your company? Are you trying to minimise dilution? Are you willing to offer personal guarantees to secure the funds?

Is Your IT & T Financing Model Up To Date?

Is your business overdue for a rethink on customer financing options? Evolving from IT supplier to trusted advisor comes with an expectation that you’ll aid customers into the purchase, once their buying decision is made. Read on to determine if your IT&T financing solutions are helping or hindering your sales process.

Funding SaaS Growth – Overcoming Death By Drip Feed

It’s no secret – the SaaS model revolutionised selling software. Buyers love the idea of paying monthly over the life of a subscription rather than shelling out large upfront payments. This in turn, helped many get over the hurdle of trying out new, untried technologies and tech companies. All of which super-charged the growth of SaaS.