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Full Doc Lending Solutions

Multipli have over 15 years of experience as a non-bank lender, working with brokers such as yourself, specialising in full doc lending services.

As an established business lender, Multipli is a finance company that specialises in working with brokers to offer full doc lending solutions. Our process is fast, fair and delivers competitive rates to assist your customers.

Full doc loans from non-bank lender Multipli
About Full Doc Lending

Our full documentation (full doc) loans

Multipli’s full doc offering
We are a non-bank lender, offering a range of full documentation (full doc) loans. Typically, our full doc loans are for those looking to borrow more than $150,000 or wish to purchase an asset that isn’t approved on our low doc loan matrix.
Our full doc solutions
We’ve optimised our process to assist your clients with full doc commercial lending. This ensures fast turnaround, easy to follow process and clear communication at all steps of the application process.

What you will need to support your full doc commercial lending submission

As a non-bank lender specialising in full doc commercial loans, the process is simple. You will need the following:

  • Accountant prepared financial statements.
  • Signed asset and liability statements for the guarantor(s).
  • A current commitment schedule.
  • A summary of the ownership structure, experience of director(s), purpose of full doc loan (asset purpose and servicing coverage ratio).
  • ATO portals
Applying for full doc loans and commercial lending via your broker

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