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Help your customers secure the equipment they need to grow their businesses.

Business payment plans for equipment purchases through Multipli helps your customers both realise their potential and achieve good cashflow management.

Whether it's a telehandler, dozer, excavator, forklift or even a kiln, Multipli has a range of business payment plans for equipment purchases designed to help, back by our competitive rates, personalised support and fast turnaround times.

Our Solutions

It’s time to Multipli your business.

If your customers have identified the need or opportunity for new or upgraded equipment within their business, let’s talk.

Our commercial equipment finance solutions help you overcome common objections around budget by enabling customers to spread the cost over terms up to 7 years.

Your business gets paid in full upfront, and your customers get the ongoing benefits of new commercial equipment to help grow their businesses.

With Multipli you will receive payment, faster

Once the finance paperwork is complete Multipli pays your business straight away, no more delays for your money.

Close more sales by making your solution financially viable

Help clients into better equipment than might otherwise have been achieved.

Fast Accreditation

Within two business days once we have your details.
Commercial Lending

Multipli supports various asset types

As a non-bank lender with experience across a number of commercial sectors, we support various asset types including:

  • Trucks
  • Tractors
  • Trailers
  • Forklifts
  • Medical & Dental Devices
  • CNC equipment
  • Road making equipment
  • Generators & Compressors
  • GPS & Surveying equipment
  • And many more...

Manage your account via ‘My Multipli’

The My Multipli platform has been created to remove friction from your deal flow and provide up-to-the-minute status updates to keep you moving at pace.
Access your existing quotes, build new quotes, view the status of your deals, retrieve deal documentation for signing, and apply for customer credit to get a decision within seconds.
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