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Offer business payment plans to your end customers

If you are a technology vendor, reseller, or integrator Multipli can help you close deals and win business.

We can provide you with custom payment plans and business financing options to offer your customers to reduce sticker shock and ease cash flow constraints that can be a common barrier to winning business.

YOU sell products and services. WE act as your financing partner to help you offer payment plans to close the sale.


Our process

Once you are accredited with Multipli and have been set up on our systems you are able to submit deals through My Multipli:



Enter the customer and deal information into My Multipli



Sent to your client for authorisation via DocuSign



You invoice Multipli and arrange to fulfill your deal with your client



Once the client deal is fulfilled, Multipli will pay you
Business payment plans for vendors

You’re a vendor, looking to provide your customers with payment options.

We are Multipli, we provide you with finance you can offer your customers.

As an established finance company, we can work with you to provide bespoke payment plans that help close deals. Friction free, smooth and capable of winning business and increasing upfront cash flow – our role is to help you Multipli your business.

Whether you're a software company, IT&T reseller, SaaS provider, or provider of primary or tertiary assets; Multipli is the partner that can accelerate your sales pipeline.

Custom Solutions

We offer a wide variety of solutions to fit all of your clients' needs, whether they prefer rental agreements, installment payment agreements (IPA), or equipment finance agreements

Why choose to Multipli your business?

Give your sales team an edge to close deals

Don’t allow price to get in the way of closing a sale. Give your sales team the ability to offer custom payment plans that meet their prospect's needs.

Accelerate your sales pipeline and cash flow

Win deals by offering your customers payment plans that get you paid upfront, while your customer has time to repay.

Stop discounting deals to meet sign off thresholds

Payment plans can assist with removing the need to heavily discount deals to meet sign off thresholds by key decision makers.

Offer non-standard payment terms outside 90-day cycle

Don’t allow 90-day payment cycles to crush your cash flow. Multipli can take care of all non-standard payment terms to simplify things.

Obtain the revenue and let us take the risk

When you close your deal using Multipli for financing, we pay you upfront (and quickly!). The risk sits completely with us.

Turn large upfront license costs into monthly payments

Convert traditional annual fixed licensing costs and large capital expenditure into monthly payments that your customers will love.
Business payment plans for technologyBusiness payment plans for vehicles and automotive
Business payment plans for commercial forklifts and equipment

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