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If you’re a technology vendor, reseller, or integrator supplying hardware, software, or services, then deal flow is the most important thing you can secure.

Converting that deal flow to closed won status and producing a strong set of monthly and quarterly results is good for you, your team, and the business.

So what gets in the way? If client budget constraints or payment terms are a common barrier to closing new or incremental business, Multipli has an IT Financing solution.

Business payment plans for phones and telco
Ask yourself

If you ask yourself the following questions:

Sticker Shock

Do customers baulk when the true up-front cost of their purchase is revealed? Do you know if your prospects have the budget or cash reserves to fund your proposals?

Deal Size

Is your sales team opening up opportunities for growth that the business can’t support or are they spending too much time chasing small deals because they think the company or prospect does not have the capacity to secure larger projects?

Payment Pain

Are 90 day payment cycles crushing your cash flow or have you ever had to delay business because customers requested extended or non-standard payment terms that would put too much strain on cash flow?
IT Financing solutions

If you’ve answered yes to just one of these questions...

It's possible that without providing your customer or prospect an alternative to paying cash that you may lose the opportunity to a provider that does.

Every margin business needs to be fast to the deal, and faster to the win. Every layer of discount offered in order to outplay your competitors will hurt your profitability.

Avoid these issues. Multipli your deal pipeline and bottom line!

Business payment plans for information technology (IT)

Why choose to Multipli your IT&T business?

Increase deal value, real and perceived

Multipli is a smart customer financing alternative that lets you package up your deal in a more easily consumable amount, providing your customers with potential tax benefits and helps you build a better book.

Multipli IT Financing solutions make it easier for your business to convert a higher ratio of opportunities to closed business and increase your chances of securing repeat business into the future.

Offer your customers an effortless way to finance their business with you. This will create a competitive advantage and ensure that you and your team are rewarded for your hard work with upfront payments.

If you offer technology hardware, telephony systems, software or services, have two years of trading history and a sales team in place, talk with us today about how we can help drive sales and grow your business.
  • Pipeline AccelerationOffer your customers an effortless way to finance their business with you. This will create a competitive advantage and ensure that you and your team are rewarded for your hard work with upfront payments.
  • Say yes to the payment terms that customers want, more often. Benefit from a fast and simple on-the-spot finance contract process that lets you strike the deal while the iron is hot.
  • Neutralise Objections
  • Package up your Telco or IT deal as an easy monthly payment, and get the go ahead from your customer faster.
  • Fast Accreditation
  • Submit your details and accreditation is fast and simple, provided you meet the requirements.
Thanks to the professional and ‘always available’ attitude of the Multipli staff, we have been able to forge a close working relationship which has translated into unparalleled sales wins!
John Soden, IT Operations Manager | Aftershock Solutions Pty Ltd

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