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Intelligent Low Doc Lending Solutions

With over 15 years of experience as a non-bank lender, Multipli has worked with brokers and the broader industry to establish innovative and competitive low doc lending solutions to meet customer need.

Multipli's Low Doc matrix provides chattel Mortgage/Secured Loans for all wheeled assets and many types of commercial equipment.

Low doc loans from non-bank lender Multipli
About Low Doc Lending

Our low documentation loans

Multipli's true low doc offering
We are a non-bank lender, offering a range of low documentation (low doc) loans.
Brokers love our platform and process
Our efficient five step process see’s us capable of assisting your clients with low doc loans and rapid turnaround times.
No credit references or bank statements required
Our Low Doc matrix allows us to underwrite low doc loans without requiring bank statements or credit references. The elimination of these results in faster turnaround and a less intrusive process for your client.
Support for multiple asset types
We provide financing of all primary, secondary, and tertiary assets including brand name software.

Ready to utilise our low doc lending?

Speak to our friendly and highly experienced team. We’re ready to assist with your low doc lending needs.

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