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Software & SaaS Vendors

Convert standard software pricing into payment plans that your customers will love. SaaS provider? We’ve got you covered also.

Are you a SaaS software provider? Bring forward your subscription earnings by leveraging Multipli as your financial partner for payments. Unlike the big banks, we simply understand SaaS and can boost your cash flow by paying your subscriptions upfront.

Are you a traditional software company? Your buyers are likely expecting SaaS models and pricing, but maybe you're not ready to move to SaaS yet. Multipli can offer payment plans that look and feel like SaaS to package perpetual licenses into payment plans that look and feel just like a subscription.


It's time to Multipli your business.

Turn annual or perpetual license structures into readily consumable monthly SaaS style subscriptions without disrupting the business backend. This is what Multipli can do for you.

…but why?

Multipli Software Payment Plans enable your business to package up licence costs, implementation services, and even training costs into a subscription-based payment model that looks and feels like SaaS. Perfect for traditional market moving software companies who are undecided or in the process of reinvigorating their payment and subscription models.

Business payment plans for software companies
Business payment plans for Software as a Service providers (SaaS)

Why choose to Multipli your business?

Multipli Software Financing Payment Plans let you fix your costs, collect deal revenue immediately and remove the DSO stressors and credit risk during reporting periods.
  • Eliminate ‘we don’t have budget now’ objections
  • Offer ZERO percent finance
  • Say ‘yes’ to even the most irregular of payment term requests
  • Report the full deal value in the month sold
  • Smooth cash flows
  • Allow for payment holidays, low/high payments in almost any combination
Low Risk. High Return.

Multipli Software Financing payment plans are a smarter way to prototype and test the transition from annual/perpetual to SaaS style models.

Is lack of working capital slowing your growth?

That’s where we come in. Our SaaS finance solution was developed with growth companies in mind.
  • Zero interest for your customer
  • Complete control
  • Cash up front
  • An easier buying decision for your customers
That’s how you Multipli your business opportunities.

Ideally suited to growth stage SaaS companies, our Subscription Payment Plan lets you turn subscriptions into instant cash flow.

Using Multipli, you can further focus on growing your Software-as-a-service business and leave the financing and associated payment plans to us, avoiding the administrative burden of chasing payment.

Question: What is your answer to the below?
SaaS financing and payment plans to help drive business growth

Would you rather receive cash today of $62,000 or monthly payments of $2,000 for the next 36 months?

For most SaaS businesses, the answer here is clear. With our SaaS finance, you receive the agreed value of the subscription up front and your client pays us an easy monthly payment.
There’s no interest for your customer. It’s quick and accessible, and simpler than applying for VC or angel investment support. And best of all, you retain 100% control and equity, whilst divesting your business of cashflow headaches.

Why choose to Multipli your SaaS business?

Avoid carrying negative cash flow following customer acquisition
Inject upfront funds into continued product and sales development
Recoup your customer acquisition costs upfront
Create cash flow surety for up to four years
No recourse to you if customers cannot pay
If you have the following, we could be the right fit for you:
  • Two years of business records
  • Customer contracts 12 months or longer
  • A direct sales force
  • Access Funding Upfront
  • Say 'yes' to the payment terms that customers want, more often. Benefit from a fast and simple on-the-spot finance contract process that lets you strike the deal while the iron is hot.
  • Retain equity and control
  • Stay in the driver’s seat. There’s no need to trade control, equity, your seat on the board or to risk a personal guarantee.
  • Fast Accreditation
  • Submit your paperwork. Meet the criteria. Accreditation in as little as two business days.
The interest free funding arrangement available through Multipli is a pivotal component of our business model. It gives us real competitive advantage in our chosen market. The approval process is fast, simple and straight forward, and we get paid quickly.
Poppy Bale-Dyer | Leap Legal Software US

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The My Multipli platform has been created to remove friction from your deal flow and provide up-to-the-minute status updates to keep you moving at pace.
Access your existing quotes, build new quotes, view the status of your deals, retrieve deal documentation for signing, and apply for customer credit to get a decision within seconds.
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