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Lending For New ABN Holders

Multipli has over 15 years of experience working with brokers as a non-bank lender. Our 1-day ABN solution was designed to meet the needs of our brokers and their customers alike.

Multipli's 1-day ABN lending solution offers intelligent finance across all primary assets for new or recently established ABN holders.

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About 1 Day ABN Lending

Multipli's 1-day ABN offering

Our 1-day ABN finance solution can assist your customers that are looking to establish their own ABN and transition into a contracting role, albeit with their own financed vehicle.

Lending requirements to match their situation
Usual lending requirements require two plus years of ABN history. Multipli have designed the 1-day ABN finance solution to remove this burden, allowing new contractors to get finance for primary assets and transition into contracting by providing evidence of a verifiable work source.
Like low doc, no credit references or bank statements are required
Our 1-day ABN product can facilitate primary asset finance by simply assessing a range of evidence that indicates industry experience and work source for the primary asset to be financed. This will allow your customer to transition into contracting without a complicated application process.
Your customers will simply need to provide the requirements outlined below.

What you will need to support your 1 Day ABN lending submission?

As a non-bank lender specialising in commercial loans for ABN holders with less than 2 years trading history, the process is simple. You will need the following:

  • A verifiable work source letter (stating what work is available an what rates of pay)
  • A completed 12-month cash flow forecast (using this template)
  • A clear credit history
  • Your client will need a 20% deposit (if they currently own a home or have a mortgage) or;
  • Your client will need a 30% deposit (if they do not own their own home, or intend on buying in the future).

In either case, the upfront deposit may be reduced by 10% where the same percentage is applied via accelerated payments in months two through five (by agreement).

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Ready to discuss your 1 Day ABN lending requirements?

Speak to our friendly and highly experienced team. We’re ready to assist with your 1 day ABN lending needs.
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