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Business Payment Plans For Healthcare Software Vendors

August 30, 2023

If you’re a healthcare software provider, looking to scale your healthcare software across medical practices and businesses that require your healthcare-as-a-service software - one of the biggest impediments to scale is your software’s price tag. The upfront cost could be costly, your would-be customers may not have the cash flow to adopt your healthcare software, which is why the concept of offering B2B payment plans to ease the cost for your customers upfront costs becomes critical.

In this comprehensive guide to payment plans for healthcare software providers - we will delve into the intricacies of why offering payment plans is critical, how payment plans operate and how you as a healthcare software vendor can harness the potential for finance payment plans (managed by us here at Multipli) to empower your salesforce, grow revenue and soar above your competition by using new standards in healthcare financing.

What are payment plans for healthcare software vendors?

Essentially, it is a financing solution for software sellers (specifically in the healthcare software industry.

Before we delve into the finer details, let's lay the foundation with the basics. Payment Plans for the healthcare software industry are custom-tailored financial arrangements meticulously designed to empower healthcare software vendors like yourself to ease the cost of adopting your software with customers.

Whether you are selling healthcare software to hospitals, clinics or individual medical practitioners - offering a payment plan to make your software more affordable and align to the customers cash flow is critical.

Healthcare software vendors and their respective salesforce are often met with “sticker shock” whereby the costs of implementing and using the software result in prohibitively high initial costs that may impede the sales conversion process. Breaking these costs down into payment plans can greatly assist, which is what Multipli as a business does.

How do payment plans for healthcare software vendors work?

Now that we have a solid grasp of what payment plans for healthcare software vendors are, let's delve deeper into how these crucial B2B financing options operate within the intricate landscape of the healthcare industry.

1. Tailored financial solutions to your customers needs

Payment plans designed for the healthcare software industry are anything but one-size-fits-all solutions. They are inherently flexible and can be meticulously customized to align precisely with the unique requirements of healthcare software providers and your diverse customer base and clientele. The payment plans you offer to your customers can encapsulate initial licensing costs, ongoing access, support, training and implementation to make the fees for your healthcare software more affordable.

2. Payment plan schedules that are flexible

With a primary goal of alleviating financial burdens on your customers, payment plans frequently feature highly flexible payment schedules. Customers are granted the autonomy to handpick the timeline that seamlessly synchronizes with their unique financial circumstances.

3. Quick access to funding to assist with sales

Working with Multipli, we can quickly work with you and your customers to grant pre-approved access to credit in the form of payment plans to further assist your pitch and sales process.

4. Enhanced customer satisfaction

When customers can access funding to meet their business needs (that of using your healthcare software) without the immediate concern of overwhelming financial burdens, their overall experience with your healthcare software business is significantly enhanced.

5. Payment plans are suited for SaaS providers and traditional software

Are you a SaaS healthcare software provider?

You can bring forward your subscription earnings by leveraging Multipli as your financial partner for payments. Unlike the big banks, we understand SaaS and can boost your cash flow by paying your subscriptions upfront.

Are you a traditional healthcare software company?

Your buyers are likely expecting SaaS models and pricing for your healthcare software, but maybe you're not ready to move to SaaS yet. Multipli can offer payment plans that look and feel like SaaS to package perpetual licenses into payment plans that look and feel just like a subscription.

Why choose Multipli as your healthcare software finance and business payment plan provider?

In the expansive landscape of payment plans tailored for the healthcare software industry, Multipli stands out as the most logical choice due to years of experience with working in the software vendor financing space.

1. We understand software vendor financing

Multipli's exclusive specialization in payment plans for the healthcare software vendor industry sets us apart. Our in-depth knowledge extends to a profound understanding of the distinctive challenges encountered by both healthcare software providers and that of your customers, positioning Multipli as a trusted and empathetic partner uniquely equipped to address the intricacies of healthcare software financing.

2. We are efficient and hold expertise in software vendor financing

Multipli's streamlined application process is designed for efficiency, enabling you to implement payment plans swiftly and with ease. What's more, our dedicated team of experts is committed to providing invaluable support, guiding you through the intricate landscape of healthcare financing options to make your sales team a success. This combination of efficiency and expertise ensures that Multipli stands as a reliable and dependable partner for healthcare software vendors.

3. We take a customized approach to healthcare software vendor financing

Multipli's commitment to recognizing the individuality of each healthcare software vendors needs shines through in our offering of custom-tailored business payment plans with 20+ years experience working with software companies. This level of customization underscores Multipli's dedication to empowering healthcare software vendors to meet the diverse demands of customers across the globe.

4. We minimize your risk

When you opt to use Multipli as your business payment plan provider, we help you close deals faster through using our financing options and we pay you upfront (and fast!). The risk of ongoing collections sit completely with us.

Multipli stands ready to help healthcare software vendors like yourself unlock the true potential of your business

In the realm of healthcare software finance, the provision of high-quality finance plans for your customers is undeniably essential. Our payment plans meticulously crafted for the healthcare software industry serve as the crucial bridge that assures everyone can access your healthcare software without the burden of cash flow.

When considering healthcare software vendor payment plans spanning across the USA, Canada, Australia, and the UK, Multipli emerges as the definitive and trusted partner you've been diligently searching for. Our unwavering commitment to risk mitigation, coupled with specialization and operational efficiency, positions us as the unmistakable choice for healthcare software vendors in pursuit of comprehensive financial solutions to offer your would-be customers.

If you're ready to embark on the journey of constructing a more robust, healthier, and financially accessible bridge to your healthcare software, then contemplate the transformative potential that business payment plans, in partnership with Multipli, can offer.